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The door locks will lock and quickly unlock to confirm programming mode has been exited. Keyless entry key 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download procedure 1. This mode is mnaual for all on-road driving conditions, including dry road surfaces, wet pavement, snow and gravel. Rear Window Defroster For replacement intervals regarding your Cabin Air Filter, see your scheduled maintenance guide. Manufacturer identification is located at the end of the webbing on the label. Foed to see if the anchors hold the seat in place.

Extra precautions, such as slower speeds and increased stopping distance, should be taken when driving a heavily loaded vehicle.

Ford is also allowed a final repair attempt in pdff states. If you do not install and use the safety seat properly, the child may be injured in a sudden stop or collision.

To program the memory feature to a remote entry transmitter and for more information on how to use the keypad, refer to Remote entry system in the Locks and Security chapter. The correct bulbs will not damage the lamp dowwnload or void the lamp assembly warranty and will provide quality bulb burn 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download.

Running out of fuel Avoid running out of fuel because this situation may have an adverse effect on powertrain components.

If the arbitrator has decided in Along with the Engine 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download temperature indicator, the engine coolant temperature gauge will read in the Hot H area.

See Guarding against exhaust fumes in this chapter for more instructions. Pull the lever towards you to deactivate. Gauges Stop the vehicle as soon as safely possible, switch off the engine and let the engine cool. Excessive speed, underinflation, or excessive loading, either separately or in combination, can cause heat buildup and possible tire failure. To reduce risk of injury, do not obstruct or place objects in the deployment path of the inflatable Safety Canopy.


Ford F Platinum Owner Manual

See Warning lights and chimes in the Instrument Cluster chapter for more information regarding the warning lights. If you own a Lincoln vehicle and are away from home when pdc vehicle needs service, or if you need more help than the authorized dealer could provide, after following the steps described above, contact the Ford Customer Relationship Center to find an authorized dealer to help you.

When this audio is used in cargo vans where no rear odf are installed in the 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download, fading to the rear speakers will result in no audio output. Failure to properly maintain your tire pressure could increase explorre risk of tire failure, loss of control, vehicle rollover and personal injury.

Center at Downlod. Driving conditions which may activate AdvanceTrac include: Fuel Pump Shut-off Switch After a collision, if the engine cranks but explorrer not start, the fuel pump shut-off switch may have been activated. When one or both of the rear windows are open, the vehicle may demonstrate a wind throb or buffeting noise; this noise can be eliminated by lowering a front window approximately two to three inches. If the airbag is not replaced, the unrepaired area will increase the risk of injury in a collision.

Some drivers may notice a slight movement of the brake pedal when 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download AdvanceTrac performs a system self-check. For more information, please refer to the Family Entertainment System supplement.

Ford Explorer Limited Power Seats With Heat Memory Wiring Diagram

Do not stow the full size tire or any flat tire under the vehicle. Seating and Safety Restraints chapter.

Storage compartment Press the latch to open the storage compartment. Repeated or prolonged skin contact with fuel liquid or vapor causes skin irritation. Small children are particularly at risk.

Automotive fuels can cause serious injury or death if 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download or mishandled. Ford is also allowed a final repair attempt in some states. If the warning stays on after the park brake is released, contact your authorized dealer as soon as possible. The more you know and understand about your vehicle, the greater the safety owbers pleasure you will derive from driving it.

Engine coolant reservoir 9.

FORD 2006 FREESTAR Owner’s Manual

Reporting Safety Defects u. Only use replacement tires and wheels that are the same size and type such as P-metric versus LT-metric or all-season versus all-terrain as those originally provided by Ford. If a replacement oil filter is used that does 2006 ford explorer owners manual pdf download meet Ford material and design specifications, start-up engine noises or knock may be experienced.

They lift the child up so that the lap belt rests low across the hips and the knees bend comfortably. Power distribution box 5.

Press again to return to the playing media. Make sure the headlamps and electrical accessories are off. Page The use of leaded fuel in your vehicle without proper conversion may damage the effectiveness of your emission control system and may cause engine knocking or serious engine damage.