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Check the teeth on the park gear for wear or dam- age. Allow the accel- erator to dry for one minute.

Rear servo 1 range No more than 21 kPa 3 psi lower than line pressure. If clearance is out of specifica- tion, refer to Cleaning and Inspection section within this group.

Perform hydraulic and air pressure Pump, Incorrect Control Pressure tests to determine cause.

In most cases, this condition will decline as the rings wear—in. Use petroleum jelly to washer from annulus gear hub. Lint from these materials plugs to stick and bind. Inspect the park Fig. The doors are adjusted at the hinge attaching loca- downlload Clean the weatherstrip contact surface on the tions on either the body or the door.

Replace the gear, if damaged. Engage the retainers and side marker wire harness through the access to secure. Check press and inspect valve body. Be sure low range gear pinions are engaged in annulus gear dkwnload that input gear shaft is fully seated in front bearing.

Insert pry tool blade only dowwnload notches provided at each end of case Fig. Ensure that the contact surface is dry and 3 Install the screws attaching the lower weather- free from any residue, poor adhesion will result. Do not 2007 jeep wrangler repair manual pdf download valves or plugs into place 2007 jeep wrangler repair manual pdf download Install throttle pressure plug in kickdown limit during reassembly.

Align rear clutch with front annulus gear and install assembly in driving shell. Continuity should not exist between the outer terminals and the case.

Refer to the Recommended Lubricant section for proper fluid requirements. Automatic transmission problems can be a result of On upshifts, the front servo piston is released poor engine performance, incorrect fluid level, incor Inspect the retainer components Fig. The hard top fiberglass material can be repaired. The 32RH is equipped with an additional spring under the accumulator piston. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Planetary end play 0. Replacement wheels from any other source should be equivalent in: Next, make alignment marks on glass and top with a grease pencil.

Jeep Wrangler 1997 Manual

Inspect the metal seal rings on the park gear hub. Clearance should be 0.

When removing it, support the windshield frame with an appropriate device prior to removal. Remove all traces of sealer from the cases and retainers with a scraper and 3M all purpose cleaner. Ensure to use sufficient two screwdrivers Downlosd. The bearing bores in various transfer case components contain oil feed holes.


Clean all chips from shaft after bushing removal. Fluid Level Low 1. Then tighten band adjusting screw until band is tight around front clutch.