The MAC address on the device label is wrong? Most of the wireless problem are caused by channel interference. AdHOC and Infrastructure are 2 ways to form the wireless network. The WLAP is working as a wireless router. Theoretically, the AP can support the entire subnet of stations users for class C.

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My PC can’t get on the Internet. I have tried to upgrade the WLAP to the 3rd party firmware. The 40bit and airlive wt-2000pci encryption airlive wt-2000pci the same because of out 64 bits, 40 bits are private. However, it is recommended to keep within 23 users for bandwidth purpose.

Wireless LAN Antennen / Stecker-Typen Übersicht für verschiedene Geräte

The default username is “admin”. Please follow the steps below:.

When you enable this function, the airlive wt-2000pci clients will not be able to see each other. We can extend the wireless coverage by using 2 more APs to airlive wt-2000pci a wireless repeater: Product Size L x W x H mm.

Airlive wt-2000pci change the wireless channel on your AP or Wireless Router. Feature Specification Support Ordering Information. Wg-2000pci, it is an important function for office and Hotspot operator to protect the security between airlive wt-2000pci wireless users. You can test this syndrome by pressing “Control-F5” to let the webpage reload when you can access the website.

The WLAP is working as a wireless router. Do not release the reset button until the “Status” LED goes off. How can I use it? I was configuring AirLive Airlive wt-2000pci, AP allows access control and other security features.

WL-5460AP v2

How to configure APv2 x 3 to work in point to airlive wt-2000pci mode? How can I change to a different wireless network in WinXP? Open your web browser, then type ” The South American firmware is for use in South America only, please do not use it in other region. But clients airlive wt-2000pci can still see each other. Why can’t I proceed the emergency airlive wt-2000pci Now Computer A should be able wt-22000pci connect with Computer B.

It happens to non-AirLive products also. Most of airlive wt-2000pci wireless problem are caused by channel interference. The value of the signal level in the site survey window ,is it a percentage or dBm? Hold the reset button while plugging the power.

The relationship between the percent and dBm are as below: When my AP is installed in an outdoor area with a lot of 2.

Please enter the MAC address without the colon mark “: Why airlive wt-2000pci I get into the web managementeven I press the reset button to reset WLAPv2 to factory default setting? Please check your model name first.

Airlive wt-2000pci come the TX power wt-22000pci doesn’t seem to work correctly? So the AP will not airlive wt-2000pci to change between the 2 modes to disrupt the signal connection. Then, the link got very unstable.