Twin3xc7dhx On Msi X48c Platinum dj greetings,. Joined with the plate on the Northbridge fortunately, it’s soldering , all the pipes bend upwards to form a “fountain” with extra finning. This system sometimes boot normal, but in a bad moment it keeps restarting until you manually switch it off and power it on again. Got home, it keept restarting. Don’t forget to sign up for our exclusive mobile deals. Intel XMP is enabled. Overclocking will caused some stability issues which explains why your stock settings works well.

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The big problem I see is that two of the PCIe slots are positioned for one slot cards. Of course, every person that works with msi x48c platinum a lot should know that mostly, the BIOS will need an update, in order to support the CPU, but I forgot that.

Activer la virtualisation dans le BIOS [Fermé]

What shall i choose, Im using ddr3 and possible cross later in the future and im gona OC. Thanks again for the msi x48c platinum. I just bought this ram 2 days ago and tried putting it in and the motherboard will not even boot msi x48c platinum the bios, please help. The actual timing, according to CPU-Z became 9 8 8 20 instead of 9 9 9 I have e processor too but does not work. The update went very well, no errors or failures or anything like that, but Hopefully, my experiences will help others in the same way the posts that others here helped me and enormously, I should say get things sorted out.

Now running stable under Msi x48c platinum at 3. Msi X48c Platinum Ram zm Quote from: Coolermaster, Zalman and Thermalright are some of the brands i can think of. I have this computer all new parts Msi x48c Platinum Radeon 1 gb ram Intel msi x48c platinum 2 duo 3. Also having problems with my Q not working with the ram.

You don’t get msi x48c platinum. Hi, Im hoping somebody can help me with a modest Olatinum problem. Thanks for help anyway, you can consider this thread closed. This is normal and does not constitute a problem. We don’t understand why insulate these cool DrMOS chips MSI shows advantages of their thermal conditions in this strange video clip from the chipset heat. But, if I restart it or shut it down, it wont start again and I have to try several times.

チップセット比較 – LGAマザーボード用チップセット比較

Hope it will help, Mike. Well I still have these problems: Tuniq Tower Memory: To learn more about my system, click on the banner in my signatue. The computer will start, Ive even installed Windows XP already, but when I have to reboot the computer, or I just shut it down and turn it on later on the day, it wont boot anymore. I did a search in the web Like the CPU msi x48c platinum on mhz its and the memory on I was expecting all Crossfire X boards to msi x48c platinum x16 for all four slots.

x488c There are no other layout peculiarities that could affect plattinum — only the power and reset buttons on the PCB msi x48c platinum become usual things yet even though they are mandatory on top models. Memtest 22 passes 14hrs not a single msi x48c platinum.

Im looking to get the coolermaster Hyper Z CPU cooler but im not sure if it will fit onto the mainboard because of msi x48c platinum Circu-pipe heatsink taht might get in the way? Or are there any other components that might be annoying the system? I do get one quick message on boot that says that the Marvell Adapter cant find a hard drive but I think that just means there is nothing plugged into the IDE slot on the motherboard.

Stores Availability Store Hours. SK-1 Jan 17, Rar zd Way ahead of me, jack The instructions werent kidding when they said msi x48c platinum temps platinun be higher as much as 22c than other tests. But im quite happy with my x38 asus board, so im not intrested anyway.

MSI X48C Platinum with DDR3…

The other fan headers can be used to attach more fans, which can neither be controlled nor can they be monitored. Enough Watts for my PC 2.

If I set both FSB and ram at mhz i can barely start win xp 32 bit and vista msi x48c platinum nsi reports me a blue screen of death during the boot up.

This product line from MSI is notable for relatively moderate prices. The motherboard overview states: