Hi,i have a printer oki bdn and i change the toner but on the printer screen i have toner empty and i dont know how to reset,can somebody help me? I wiped down the entire drum construction including the shiney drum itself with Isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad. On the end of the toner cartridge opposite the blue knob, is a “hole” in middle. I have an Okidata CDN. If you have been refilling your cartridges without emptying the waste toner the drum willo eventually jam. So I thought I would do a dry run and disassemble and reassemble the drum as practice before the new drum arrived. Since there’s no chip on a starter cartridge, I was wondering if I could just fill it up with new toner and use it again?

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I am planning to purchase a Don’t know it it works oki c5500n all revision of the bios dough – its a litle complicated.

I can’t figure out the way to the toners reset: Its not worth your while to do this as your down time and replacement cost oki c5500n don’t add up. I’ve gotten over 16, pages, and still going strong, on the drums. Try a demo print, it should put out oki c5500n color test picture. Scroll to “Toner Sensor”.


The obvious questions that arise are – will the stuff kill the image drums, will it print well, is it glossy? Oki c5500n the color of the zeros to a oki c5500n close to each of the toner colors. It explains all with great pictures and goes into much more detail than the Uninet oki c5500n for changing the drum in the toner cartridge.

Always turn the printers 5c500n before removing the toner cartridges, you can burn out the toner chip if you don’t. Since toner is patented, the aftermarket companies cannot exactly copy its composition, c500n because of that, most aftermarket toners are not of the same grade and quality to that of the OEM.

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Even though you have turned off the toner counting, the printer still thinks the toner cartridge is empty. That is exactly what I did. The c you have uses identical technology as your previous machine. I bought the new drum, installed it, oki c5500n then got the oki c5500n toner is empty” message and heart sunk like a rock.

Have you fixed it yet? Has anyone had experience with premature failure of black drums??? If I would open the top of the printer and then close it I could print about another 17 copies. Thanks, Rick – Anonymous. oki c5500n

They work great with new drums. OKI I tried all the resets several times. THis can happen if you oki c5500n heavy color in card center.

That is where a oki c5500n could be located and that is where “burning” could take place. If you printed an Okidata test page the black rectangle would be gray.

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It also uses thresholding to oki c5500n up for the halftoning issues in Ghostscript. If someone knows how to freeze or reset oki c5500n consumables please let us c55500n I dont understand why this is happening To see all of this for yourself go to: I have had a black drum fail in as little as copies.

Now every time I try to print oki c5500n starts and then gives a paper jam error. Drum creams supposedly work by putting extra hard shine on oki c5500n like shoeshine It was easy and quick and worked prefectly.

The most likely cause is poor contact with the oki c5500n pins which communicate with the imaging drum. Button 7 takes you to the left. Please quote the relevant forum posting quote date and time. In Word, make a page will all zeroes on the page. Nowhere ; It doesn’t seem to react to the initial instruction. The OKI printer literally counts how many dots of each colour toner it applies to each oki c5500n. There’s no LED display so I guess it’s a manual thing.

I don’t think you can reset the using the reset procedure. I curse these okinazis and want to reset or throw out this garbage and buy another brand. Does anyone have a counter reset for the C?

Oh, well that’s life. I have a c or n, I dunno which. If the sensor on the printer sees the white indicator – all is cool – if it sees an opening it issues the error.

Each drum unit is shifted oki c5500n and down by a small motor to keep it exactly the right oki c5500n above the paper that passes underneath.

I cannot tell for sure how to do this via software-reset. If you’re standing in oki c5500n of the printer, the positions should be black closest to you, yellow oki c5500n, magenta after that, then cyan farthest away from you. C I have tried reset of drum by using the old set v5500n.

The better way is to check weight of cartgidge properly. Vacuum out or shake into a bag or box. That is my personal oppinion and oki c5500n say knowledge. Finally risking banishment from the house I took the cartridges of ink d5500n, and removed the drums to the garage where I emptied all of ink out oki c5500n the hopper that the cartridges fit into making oki c5500n that the slot was clear at the bottom of the curved hopper.

Shake the cartridge too to make sure you clean it out.