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Under this option, a track connection would be built to allow trains from Second Avenue to run via the Manhattan Bridge north tracks to allow service to Brooklyn. Office of Transit Construction Commissioner — via archive. Report to Nelson A.

New York City Subway. New York voters passed a transportation bond issue on November 8,allowing for dedicated funding allocated for that phase. Stations were to retain cut-and-cover construction.

South of there, only 14 TPH on the T are planned. Notice of intent to prepare a supplemental draft environmental impact statement” PDF.

Subways / Transport

Retrieved June 9, Two subbway shafts were constructed for the 72nd Street station. When opened in Novemberthe connection included the new Grand Street station on the Sixth Avenue Line another station, subway menu pdf download Streetopened in Julyand introduced the most significant service changes ever carried out in the subway’s history.

Archived from the original on Subway menu pdf download 19, Retrieved August 15, Click below to download a printable copy of all the nutrition data in this section of the site, as well as allergen and ingredient information:.

A new lower-level mezzanine will house the connection between the two stations, directly connecting to the downtown platform for Lexington Avenue service.

Tracks of the New York City Subway 16th ed.

Tokyo Metro | Subway Map

Since the rock is shallower between East 91st and 93rd Streets, 1. Archived from the original on April 26, Retrieved September 22, Retrieved October 5, The TBM drilling the east tunnel then negotiated the curve onto 63rd Street and broke through the bellmouth at the existing Lexington Avenue—63rd Street station. The northbound 63rd Street Connector track dips below the level of Phase 3’s planned tunnels, providing for a future flying junction between the connector and the Second Avenue Subway menu pdf download.

Construction on the Second Avenue Line initially began in as part of the Program for Actionbut subway menu pdf download halted in because of the city’s fiscal crisiswith only a few short segments of tunnels having been completed.

Retrieved January 12, Select any of the categories listed below to view nutritional data for all of our core menu products.

Retrieved July 1, The T will be extended to Hanover Square upon Phase 4’s completion. Retrieved November 19, Archived from the original on May 19, Like Phase 1, the sections subway menu pdf download stations will largely be constructed through the use of TBMs, while stations will be constructed through eubway and mining, allowing for the construction of station caverns, shafts, subway menu pdf download entrances.

Retrieved December 16, Archived PDF from the original on April 8, Retrieved December 19, However, the subay of the Korean War caused soaring prices for construction materials and saw the beginning of massive inflation. The N and R trains provide limited rush hour service on Phase 1.

A second phase is planned to extend the line from 96th Street to th Street, and both subway menu pdf download Q and limited N service will be extended to th Street memu Phase 2 is built. Byconstruction had been postponed indefinitely, with only a short length being completed above the Second Avenue station.

Second Avenue Subway

Retrieved March 31, Subway menu pdf download construction options were evaluated during the project’s Environmental Impact Study for the portion of the line between 11th Street and Hanover Dowlnoad. Second Avenue Subway Newsletter. Note that this is a list of New York City Subway lines, which are the physical infrastructure over which services operate.

The stations at 86th and 72nd Streets were mined.