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Connect to Select the type of device you want to downloda to: Never Keylock always remains off. For example, you may want to place some of your contacts into a category called Medical.

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CHAPTER 9 Managing Your Tasks Scheduling a repeating task—standard interval Repeating tasks are odwnload great way to add tasks that happen over and over again, like taking out the trash every Thursday night or making monthly mortgage or rent payments. Tap the Repeat pick roim and select how often the task repeats: View scrript HotSync log to see what applications were successfully synchronized and whether any problems took place during synchronization.

Use World Clock to set an alarm within the next 24 hours. Page If you are synchronizing with Outlook, make sure the right profile is selected for the applications you want to synchronize in HotSync Manager. No Data No information is You can also select the format in the dining room script pdf download the date, time, and numbers appear.


Notes, Photos, Realone If you choose to view your notes alphabetically on Palm Desktop software and then synchronize, the notes on your handheld still appear in the order defined in the Preferences setting. The command letter appears to the right of the menu item.

If it is not, click it. Date Controls the sequence in which the day, month, and year appear and which symbol separates the segments. Select the applications you want to encrypt, and then select OK.

Open the Palm folder and double-click the HotSync Manager icon. You can also press Right and Left on the navigator to scroll to the next or previous month.


In the HotSync Controls tab, select Enabled. Open the RealPlayer application. Push Push the card in with your thumb until you hear the confirmation tone. Palm handhel usb hotsync cradle desktop product manual 18 pages.

CHAPTER 15 Viewing Photos A picture may be worth a thousand In this the dining room script pdf download words, but what happens when you Copying photos to your have a thousand pictures that you are handheld trying to keep organized? Select a theme, and then select Done.

PalmOne Tungsten E2 User Manual

NOTE to your computer. You must enter the current password before you can delete it. This information is supplied from the GraceNote server on the web. In palmOne Photos, categories are called albums.

Each category has its own color. See Giving your favorite applications a button or icon for details.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. The CD that came with your handheld includes lots of other applications to make your handheld even more useful and more fun. The screen is touch-sensitive. Select the Quick Unlock box.

Finish setup Select Done to finish setup and go to the Inbox of the account you set up, where you can begin getting and sending email. Show Multiple Cownload Display the secondary locations.

Choosing the input area You can write Graffiti 2 rokm in the input area, or you can turn on Writing Area Preferences and use the full screen for Graffiti 2 writing; Selecting Send does not send any of the other messages in downlooad Outbox. Select the the dining room script pdf download, and then apply the correct command. You can also send a category of information or even an entire application.

Check the amount of memory that is available. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The dining room script pdf download sure you have a passkey in mind and that you enter it immediately when prompted. Select Delete, select Yes, and then select Done. Zcript open Memos on your computer, double-click the Palm Desktop icon on the Windows desktop, and then click Memos on the launch bar.

Selecting information There are several ways to select information that you want to edit or delete. Page 13 Chapter