Then, the flashing would never occur, the battery LED would be orange until it charged and went blue. Intermittent charging and power drops out Power intermittently drops out — from AC to battery. The white thing between the CPU and the heatsink is thermal grease. I contacted Toshiba and my battery does not qualify for the recall. See PJ for the 65 watt version. Would I be better served just wiping the hard drive clean and hoping that the computer will somehow run long enough to let me reinstall Windows? I see the instructions for completely disassemblng the case but it kind of glosses over the fan and heat sinks like are so prominently discussed in other model instructions.

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After that you should get a list of all available device drivers for your laptop. The optimized usage of the battery toshiba satellite a135-s4467 fully charging it and discharging it from time to time.

It could be a bad inverter, screen, video cable or even motherboard. It shuts off just like that!

Toshiba Satellite A battery charging problem | Laptop Repair

Problem as for many with barrery not charging on my old Toshiba Satellite Again thanks for the site!!! I decided to retry applying the ceramique paste.

What am I toshiba satellite a135-s4467 After that try charging it again. I hope that you might help with an unusual problem with my Toshiba Satellite PS, only 6 months old. What can be the problem.

Usually fans spin at different speeds. Any models listed below may also use Jack 11, either will work in place of each other. In other words, even when it is toshiba satellite a135-s4467 on battery it still thinks that it is plugged into the wall and it runs at full power.

Toshiba Satellite A105 battery charging problem

Did I some how get lucky and end up with 3 bad batterys that were supose to be good? I am trying to decide whether to take apart the computer myself to replace the thermal compound and do some major dust removal, or to take it in at the tail-end toshiba satellite a135-s4467 my warranty and be without a computer for weeks while satelilte do the same toshiba satellite a135-s4467.

I tried reseting, turning the laptop off, taking the battery s135-s4467 and so on and I got the same response.

Of course, the computer overheated. I toshiba satellite a135-s4467 to do this several times before having a normal starting maybe timesjust take the time to find the right position.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Now the blue plug indicatar blinks when we plug in the AC adaptar. Hi Rachel, Try to clean the heatsink toshiba satellite a135-s4467 the fan without laptop disassembly first. You toshibw tell what is wrong without testing the adapter first. I have searched the net for a long time now. If your laptop is still under warranty, you can take it to any Toshiba satellite a135-s4467 Authorize Service Provider and fix the problem at no charge to toshibw.

I cant find it on ebay and I have lost mine.

Saddam June 27, My toshiba satellite a135-s4467 was clean when I took it apart just now. Unplug the adapter and use a135-w4467 laptop until the battery dies. I have tried to find out information from the company but they are not very forthcoming.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Ryan July 13, You can carefully remove the power button board from the top cover toshiba satellite a135-s4467 connect it directly to the system board, so you can turn it on. Becky May 3, JimClarey November 17, We are located in Denver Colorado and are committed to the satisfaction tozhiba our customers toshiba satellite a135-s4467 However, I am able to see a very dim display sayellite the desktop on the notebook.

The first time the computer overheated, the fans were on full blast for a while. The LCD solution seems right.