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Your Preschooler is growing and so are the learning needs.

Numbers placed in an incorrect sequence. Outlines of 3 animals. A group of objects that are used at different times of the year. Draw a line to join the animals to their c Fill in the blanks with opposites words af Your child has to count the number of apples in each box and write down the appropriate number. Write the first letter of the word the pic Each type of object has to be counted and the appropriate number as well as its name should be written down in the ukg english worksheets pdf download box provided by your child.

Outline of a boy and a girl and a couple of pictures.

The animals have to be taken to their appropriate homes by your child. Numbers and beads on a necklace. These ukg english worksheets pdf download for HKG kid enhance their mathematical, problem solving, vocabulary and grammatical skills without pressurizing your child.

The bigger object in each group has to be coloured by your child. Pictures of different insects. Each row has to be counted and the appropriate number has to be written down by your child.

A sequence of numbers with certain fields missing. A family tree without the pictures of various relatives. Your child has to circle those insects that can fly.

Ukg English Worksheets – Worksheets for kids, Printable Worksheets, Activity Sheets

The box with the larger quantity in each group has to be ticked and the box with smaller quantity has to be crossed out by your child.

In woeksheets row, your child has to count and then add them. Groups of numbers placed in a random order.

All Coloring Pages Worksheet Category. Outlines of different vegetables. Your child has to tick the birds that can be kept as pets and cross out the ones that cannot be kept as pets. These monthly deliverable Kindergarten worksheet kits are packed with fun activities like coloring worksheets, games, paper crafting DIY toys and a packet of stickers to keep your child motivated, Thus the child and yourself will ukg english worksheets pdf download look forward for the subscription of fun activity worksheets.

Lkg Maths Worksheets Pdf Free Download

Your child has to colour them and pronounce their ukg english worksheets pdf download out loud. Match the vehicles to their mode Vanshikas family tree Match and color the picture as indicated Write your schedule for the entire day Find the body parts written below in the c A sequence of 3 pictures.

Animals and their babies. Write the missing vowels to get the names The vowel that appears in the name of the corresponding picture has to be worlsheets by your child. The animals have to be matched to their preferred ukg english worksheets pdf download by your child.

Animals and hkg animal homes. Words consisting of 2 letters. The words have a missing letter that has to be completed by your child. Pictures of different vehicles.